maqmiloffshoreengineer& Oil Gas

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The Company :

OFFSHORE Repairs Corps proposes to solve operational problems along the Brazilian coast from a supplier, the more necessary infrastructure for logistics and technology necessary laboratory personnel competent and qualified. 

Founded in 1993, MAQMIL OFFSHORE ENGINEER has been providing key services on hand for maritime and offshore markets. One of the most strategic points of Niterói  and Macaé, MAQMIL OFFSHORE ENGINEER & CONSULTANTS provides complete repair solutions for customers worldwide. 

Always keeping the customer as the primary focus, MAQMIL OFFSHORE ENGINEER & CONSULTANTS, offers high quality services with quick turnaround wherever, whenever. The company is proud to have been chosen as the service provider for the majority of players around the world in major Marine and Offshore market. 

The Company is very experienced, with a great team of mechanics specialists, electricians, electronics specialists, metallurgists, safety engineers, safety engineers, quality engineers, and application engineers, which have all been certified to ISO 9001 standards and have excellent quality and safety. 

MAQMIL ENGINEER OFFSHORE CONSULTANTS & expertise was built over 40 years experience, offering a high quality service and repair for the offshore industry in all aspects of your project.

Such as:

Machinery industry of exploration, equipment for industry naval and railway park, engines and compressors reforms, refrigeration services and compressed air and phosphating, industry and parts of commerce and replacement angine and explosion and compressors, service in general, machinery lease industrial, import, export and commercial representation, repair services naval and craft of buildings, terminal management waterway, materials storage off shore and on shore, engineering services and environmental projects, warehouses general, cargo and discharge, equipment